You Were a Sucky “Friend”

You’re not a good person. On the outside you seem like you are. But once that candy coating dissolved, you turned sour. I had been biting my tongue for a while. From you getting blackout drunk and ruining parties, to you embarrassing me at my engagement dinner, to you ditching me for several different guys. The last one is something I should have expected and anticipated. But I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I had already lost too much. And it was only a matter of time that all of the things I have kept my mouth shut about started to build up to the point where I exploded. 

You made plans to go to a show with me. And hung out with your new idiot until 6 am the night prior then went to work on an hour of sleep. So by the time I saw you, you were already yawning and the only thing you could really keep saying was how hungry you were. Not only were you terrible company, you also were being a bitch. You yelled at the people next to us for bumping you. You’re at a concert. You are going to get bumped into, get the fuck over it. And if you don’t like it, don’t go to shows. At any rate, I offered to take your place, and you refused because you wanted to “stand your ground”… wtf? What point were you trying to prove? That was embarrassing and immature.  You claimed to like these bands yet you knew only one song by one band. One. Fucking. Song. So you stood there the entire night yawning, looking miserable and wanting to leave early so you could stud your fucking fat pie-hole. You’re a blast to hang out with. 
And what’s with the constant bitchiness and eye rolls IN FRONT of people. Jesus Christ. You need to work on your facial expressions. I mean I always told you that when I first met you, I thought you were a bitch. But you really ARE just a bitch. You have no empathy towards how you make other people feel when they’re near you. Zero. 

“I refuse to be talked to like that”… HAHAHA. WHAT makes you think you’re better than the next person? NEWS FLASH: YOU’RE NOT!  All you care about is being a skinny-fat bitch, being “successful” and having a large shoe collection. Sounds a little shallow and superficial to me. Just so you know. You can lose all the weight you want, but that won’t change your attention-whore self-absorbed type of personality. Success isn’t only determined by your rank in your career. It’s also determined by your relationships and friendships. And you, my (ex)friend, have a poor track record. 

You play victim in every situation. Even when it’s NOT about you. It’s pathetic. And you’re an attention whore. It’s sad really. YOU create your own drama. You and only you. Our ENTIRE “friendship” was based on drama. And I fed into it. I never used to do that. Before out falling out, I had been wondering why I had become like that. Why did I allow myself to be bitched to about your issues and the many men you had drama-filled relationships with? I started to do that same. I “vented” all of the things that bothered me to you… about my fiancĂ©, my family, my other friend, my job. That’s what our entire friendship became. One endless bitchfest. My social life has significantly improved since I cut the cord. At first I was. Apologetic for the things I said. But now I’m not. Not even a little. So you need to get over yourself and find a hobby instead of bringing down all of the people you speak to. You suck. 

My mind set has improved sooo much since I stopped feeling the need to be a bitchy person like you. So with that, I thank you. 

Good luck and Godspeed.  


Makeup Subscriptions: ipsy and Birchbox

I think it’s safe to say most girls like to feel pretty. Many of us ladies like to put makeup on to either enhance our features or cover up our “flaws” but some of don’t. Some of us cannot leave the house without putting at least a little bit of makeup on and some of us couldn’t care any less.

I, sometimes regrettably, am one of those women who needs makeup to feel pretty. Not only to hide my dark circles under my eyes but to also make me feel more confident and pretty. I wear it for myself and no once else.

Whether it’s concealer, lip gloss or eyeshadow, I love it all. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t even walk into a store without looking at the makeup, even if what I am going to the store for is at the opposite end, I will somehow justifiably make my way to the makeup isles and gaze at it in all it’s glory like a kid in a candy store. But I don’t buy things EVERY time I look at them. This is mainly because I have monthly subscriptions to feed that need.

I have been subscribed to a couple of beauty subscriptions for about four years now; Birchbox and Ipsy. If you are unfamiliar with these companies, you should check them out. They are both beauty subscriptions that are $10 a month. Birchbox will send you approximately five samples every month. You can also review the samples you receive to earn points. The points can be redeemed on towards any purchase you make on Birchbox’s website. You can also earn bonus points w/ certain purchases and for referals. Ipsy will send you 4-5 deluxe samples (sometimes full sized items) every month with a super cute makeup bag. Ipsy also allows you to review the items you received to earn point towards select products. They also have a referral program where you can earn beauty products for your referrals. I’ll include the link below for these services.


Check out my Instagram to see some items I have received from ipsy and Birchbox…


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